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Wotnot Naturals: Seo & Website 05/06

Wotnot Naturals is an organic & natural ecom business that specialises in baby and beauty products. Their previous website lacked mobile responsiveness and was quite difficult to navigate. We assisted in redesigning their new website, using bubbles as a mobile menu as shown above, and also assisted in their marketing and SEO.

Baby and natural products are an extremely competitive space. When WOTNOT approached us we used SEO auditing tools to determine a baseline. After 3 months we achieved the below:

To interpret this a tad better, the overview includes:

– Improvement in ranking from 2,207,111 to 1,506,948 (note the lower the number the better)

– Increase in Domain Rating

– Increase in Backlinks

– Removal of none related Organic words (“Organic Pet Food” as an example)

– Increased Organic Traffic

– Increase Traffic Value

To summarise we achieved a better ranking, gained more traffic and more sales overall.

01 Problem

Website Navigation and SEO

02 Approach

Bubble Menu and Optimising SEO with removing none relative keywords and finding "low hanging fruit" ones.

03 Solution

Massive increase in overall SEO results and better conversion rates.